Monday, December 11, 2006

Gathering the work together,

We are now down to the wire and I am trying to get all the parts together. Nervous old me. So here is a list of my digital skills, final projects, and where to find them. If all else fails, please email me your home street address, and I will present this entire thing with hand puppets! Yes, I will!

Digital Skill #1: This blog. Please note I have been very good at keeping up with the readings, yada, yada, yada. To which you answer "who do I look like, Santa?"

Digital Skill #2: WebPage and Domain name. I did open a new website, but we could not get it working correctly yet. So here is the stop gap until that is corrected:
This is also the Home Page of my final project. My proposal is there too, along with my Photoshopped image.

On this page, you will also find links to:

Digital Skill #3: Video. This is a video interview we shot for the "1989" website in November. Our subject, Maria Bucur tells her eyewitness account of the December Revolution in Bucharest, Romania. Dr. Bucur was shot in front of a green screen so we could manipulate the background in Boris FX. The background images were stills shot by photojournalists in Romania during those turbulent days--we downloaded them off the Web. The video editing was done in Premier, and the audio had to be cleaned up in Sony Sound Forge. The original is good quality- the compression to get it on the site stinks. This is a problem to be fixed-because the final product for "1989" must look better.

Digital Skill #4:Photoshopped Image. I posted this item a month ago, but here is the link to the explanation and the photos. Please be sure to look at the before image--my husband wanted to be sure and be part of this, too. In case of problems with my website, please look at

Digital Skill #5: Wiki. I edited the page on Jan Zizka


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